Simple digital experiences for effortless user engagement

About Me

Hi, I’m Humberto! I am a current UX Design student at Bradley University. I am passionate about creating seamless digital experiences. I am designer with a keen eye for user-centric design. I thrive on translating complex user needs into, visually compelling experiences. I have a diverse skill set of wireframing, prototyping, and user testing and more. I have experience creating mobile and web designs, along with branding. I have designed for a company like Caterpillar and a Peoria local organization, Arts Partners. 

My goal is to design simple digital experiences for effortless user engagement. Let’s collaborate to shape digital landscapes that not only look impressive but also feel effortlessly intuitive for every user!

My Services

UX Design

I design digital experiences that receive more user engagement and earn more results for clients.

Graphic Design

I can design utilizing visual elements to create captivating designs for various purposes such as branding and advertising. 

Video Editing

I can make videos with careful editing and creative skills. I turn raw footage into captivating stories. Whether it’s for businesses or personal projects, I’ll make sure your videos look amazing and leave a lasting impression.

My Design Principles

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